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So Long 2014

2014 or Whatever That Was
Creation Class – December 13th
Solstice – December 21st
New Moon – December 22nd


If I’m going to offer any reflections about 2014 I need to commence with the writing. You probably noticed I haven’t penned perspectives this year with the same frequency as times past. The reason? Well, partly because of the somewhat paradoxical journey of 2014. We did a lot of work, but the work we’ve been doing is invisible and deeply re-structural, not to mention challenging to articulate. We’ve been diving deep, marking old programs for deletion and moving through several more stages in our process of being remade. Our energies have been less focused on our outer expressions, and I’ve been right there with you. So, a lot less personal reflection made it to the page.

Another observational factoid is how quickly whatever happens seems to just evaporate from memory or sense of importance. I might have an experience or insight I think about sharing, and before I can fire up Word that fabulous insight is downgraded to meh. It’s almost like we speed through shifts so quickly that talking about them afterward seems pointless. Still, I know there is support in just knowing of shared experience among the New Field Pioneers, and I’ll do my best to describe what I can. Yet oddly, even the task of translating perception into written language seems more energetically taxing than I remember. Maybe I’m just getting rusty.

As predicted months ago, the rate of clearing old structures out of consciousness went into hyperdrive in 2014 as more and more specific frequencies of light poured onto the planet. Our Lightsmith events this year have been almost entirely focused on working with those frequencies. We initially opened up to them during our Second-Saturday events, but the focus stayed with those energies through the New Moon and Planetary sessions. Sure, we’ve always known there is a sequence to our process, but until this year I have never felt such a continuity of the flow. Maybe we once had more time between waves, but now it’s like riding a swiftly moving crest where the most we can do is hang on and practice keeping our balance.

Do you even remember much about the first half of this year, or yesterday for that matter? I’d guess not, unless something was particularly traumatic or challenging. Even if memory has stuck around, I’ll bet the emotional sense has dissipated. Until Michele mentioned it recently I hadn’t even remembered that things at Lightsmith slowed down so much last winter we wondered if we would still be around at the end of the year. Yet, we continue with the sense that all is well and we are on course. Plans are in the works for 2015, including an evolution of Second-Saturday events. Details to come.

Even as we have been focused deeply inward, we can see the outer world reflecting dissolution and resistance to change. Same as we’ve known personally, but on a collective level. Some things don’t go out of existence easily or quietly. How challenging has it been for you to discard illusions about who and what you have been? The push to live authentically has become relentless. Many times we have proclaimed our desire to be free of the painful world born of duality, yet when given the opportunity to move on we may cling to a false reality we think is to be preserved. And because we don’t easily choose to change our life circumstances, we start at another level to dissolve the structure to which we have become bound. One way or another we are prodded to become conscious of all that is not in alignment with who we are, often coming face to face with our deepest fears.

If we look out at the crazy events of our external world we may easily get drawn into the drama. Keep in mind how much is about consciousness and its radical restructuring. This is the time of the unbinding at every level in the hologram of duality. Feeling a loss of self and a great unknowing is normal. We may not be done transforming, but we do have a choice not previously available about where to focus our attention.

Duality wants you to continue energizing its version of reality. That is a choice. Opening into the New Field is another choice. The two options are incompatible by nature. We can’t make anyone else choose anything, but we can choose which world we intend to inhabit. It’s not the old guard “out there” that is the issue. It’s the old guard within that inhibits our possibilities.

And now the year closes with a hint that new personal expressions and possibilities are just over the horizon. It does seem that we have begun some motion into preparations for what is to come. Currently it feels like we’re still shedding old skin, or the chrysalis is opening but our wings are not yet out and ready to use. In any case we’re still in process, so pick your favorite metaphor and carry on.

One thing I do know for sure is that the year goes out with a wallop here at Lightsmith. We have three significant events left on the calendar, each sure to shift your ride just a little more. This year we hosted a series of six “classes” we titled Creating in the Fifth Dimension with a Little Help From our Friends. The title reflects the style of presentation as a collaborative merger among Michele, Spirit Friends, Earth Mother and the group. I’d tell you more about what took place but articulating the essence of the processes is a challenge, even in hindsight. However, some of the adjectives I’d use when describing these experiences include profound, effecting, stunning, life-changing, unexpected, fascinating, supportive, unique, potent and dynamic.

And now we reach the finale of this 2014 series. This coming Saturday, December 13th brings us session #6. All we know about this session is that our primary collaborator will be Michael (earlier this year we were asked to drop the title of archangel). We don’t know the focus of the day until sometime Saturday morning with Michele rising about 5am to receive a lengthy “download” of what’s in motion. During the afternoon we work with the energies being brought in and will also hear directly from Michael in a channeling segment. We begin at 1pm central time, and you can join us in person, by phone or by internet stream. Details for sign-up are on the calendar listing. And FYI, you can join us whether or not you have participated in any of the 5 previous events.

December 21st is the winter solstice gathering. This session marks the last of our 8 planetary events of the year. We will begin at 3pm, central time. You can join us from anywhere through our internet stream. Details and internet link on the calendar page.

And close on the heels of the Solstice is the New Moon on Monday the 22nd. And yes, more information on the calendar.

We live in fascinating times. Being on the front edge of transformation used to feel quite challenging. Today I find that being anywhere else is intolerable. As the greater population moves deeper into the purging processes of the old consciousness, I can think of no place I’d rather be than among my peeps. Hope to see you soon!


Continually mystified,



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