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Cross-Quarter. Creation in the 5th Dimension.

A last-minute reminder of our Cross-Quarter planetary event Monday night, and a first-time notice of our new series for 2014. Also, a little commentary on current energies at the end.

Monday brings us our first of 8 planetary events for the year. At each session Michele facilitates a process guided by the Earth Mother and other beings of Spirit and Earth. The group assists by focusing the intention through self into the whole. We never know in advance what direction the evening will take, but it’s always interesting and satisfying to participate. You can join us at a distance by internet stream or telephone using the information found on our calendar page. There is no charge for this event.

New this year is a series of 6 events every other month starting next Saturday, February 8th. For the past three years we have facilitated programs co-created by Michele, the Earth Mother and many friends in Spirit. The focus has been on the process of moving out of Duality, sorting what is not going forward into the new dimension and shifting the internal stance to one of Creator within Creation.

As we transition further away from the old reality we find that our expertise in navigating Duality is of little use. How do we now proceed into a new reality which none of us have ever experienced? Within that question is the intention for the 2014 series.

We have titled this new series Creating in the 5th Dimension – with a Little Help from our Friends. What is the content? As it turns out we find out the same time you do. In 2013 Michele began to be much more merged with the non-physical in a co-presentation of interesting information and energetic re-structuring. Even Michele received little insight as to content until the morning of the events.

This year we will follow a similar format using a combination of information and process, though the focus will shift. I know that many of us have grown impatient with the process of our transformation, but try to remember where you were 3-5 years ago and how much has really shifted. As always, we feel that these events offer the most efficient path possible to experiencing real change in your experiences.

The whole of us is learning as we go, including those beings of Spirit and Earth. At these events we work with the most current energies of change. At each session we are literally in the moment of its creation, without pretense or planning beyond the necessities of coordinating the group.

Here’s what we know so far:

• The sessions will run from 1-5pm on the second Saturday of every other month starting in February.

• The cost will be the same as last year: $147, or $129 if you have The Lightsmith Deal.

• The first session on February 8th will include interaction with Metatron.

• There is no pre-requisite and you can attend any or all of these sessions. Sequence is suggested for full effect, but not required.

• You can participate in person or remotely. See the calendar information page (to be updated Monday) to sign up for remote participation.

Note: our calendar is being changed to one less glitchy and all events have to be re-listed.


One last word of support as we make our way toward the spring equinox. We are still in an accelerated period of sorting. We are releasing structures of consciousness, thought-forms, patterns, and beliefs that will not be going forward into our next reality. I can relate to the sense of tedium and frustration that might surface when it seems we are not moving forward at a pace we think we should. Keep in mind that there is no pace other than what is the pace. There is timing with the collective, soul guidance and many considerations of movement beyond your mind’s idea of how things should be. So it is.

The next experience cannot open until we are prepared for it. No one can fully enter into and create in the new dimension while carrying elements evolved for use in Duality. Ironically, the thought that tells you to get on with things without listening to what is next IS one of the elements that must first release before you can get on to what is next. Patience, just a little longer. Stay receptive.

The sorting is taking place within our physical and energetic bodies, and is more taxing than one might think. Our energy is still turned within, the global energy is still contracting, and mostly we don’t feel like doing anything requiring much exertion or in the old ways of trying to make something happen. This is the time between worlds and trust is a helpful practice. If you’re anxious about the future you are projecting fear. Examine the fear.

It’s okay to realize that from now on everything is unknown. That awareness can be challenging to those of us well-versed in taking responsibility for outcomes. We won’t exactly get a manual for the new operating system, but we will have plenty of camaraderie as we make our way through our next story arc.

I mentioned previously that we don’t get much insight into what will take place during the creation events, but I will share one thing with you that I do notice. Michele has been “worked on” almost constantly during the past several weeks both day and night. She remains more reclusive and exhausted than I remember for quite awhile. My view is that she gets moved through her own processes of release and embodiment a bit ahead of us so she is clear to facilitate what is next for the groups that gather. We have been told that the rate of shift is exponential. I may not know what’s next, but I’m dang sure it packs a bigger punch than the last wave we moved through. I do expect more expansion for many of us who have been transforming and more challenges for many others who are beginning the shift. What’s ahead I don’t know, but I remain grounded in my enthusiasm for the doors that are about to open.

All is well. It’s perfectly normal right now if you sometimes feel disoriented about who you are, or notice a change in relationship to much of your past. Every time something old gets released more of you moves into the space that was created. You are both losing something familiar and integrating something greater. You get to be more you embodied, and that is a process of becoming. In the end that is what this whole experiment has been about.

Not watching football,



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  1. “… I remain grounded in my enthusiasm for the doors that are about to open.”
    I’m going to savor this thought.

  2. Just a note to say, Chris, that over the years I have so enjoyed your writings. I want you to know that they make me smile, give me welcomed affirmation, and offer me a kind of friendship in this consciousness journey we are on. Even though I seldom see you and Michele these days, We are walking beside you. Thank you for the beauty and clarity that you both are and have been for so long. Onward indeed!

    Kathleen Blanc

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