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Last-Minute Info for Saturday

I have written before about how much we are shifting into an experience where we know little about what is next until we need to know it. The same has become true regarding information we work with in preparation for our events. Based on some insights received this morning I offer this quick update about tomorrow’s event, Creating in the 5th Dimension with a Little Help from our Friends.

The previous structure for our Mastery and Creation events has included three key segments: information, process and channeling. The format for this series will be slightly different as a practical application piece is added. The expected sequence is now process, channeling, practice.

I noted previously that Metatron would be joining us, and we will also be joined by the Earth Mother. The likely structure tomorrow will be a preparation process co-presented by the Earth Mother and Michele, followed by channeled information with Metatron. I’m not sure yet how the practical piece will be facilitated. Michele will still be making introductory remarks, but they will likely be shorter than before in context of the rest of the session.

So, a little more clarity about what we’re up to next, and a last-minute friendly reminder that you can still participate in person or at a distance. We’ve been waiting to move into the place of true conscious creation. Here we go.

More information and sign-up on the calendar page. There are no prerequisites for attendance.


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  1. Here we go!

    Chris Sevig

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