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Accelerated Chakra Shifting event this Saturday

As we shift out of Duality we move through a sequence of physical and energetic changes preparing us for functioning in the new dimension. One significant area of shift is in the chakra system. The chakras are “morphing” into new toroidal structures, enabling communication and creation abilites to come online within the new field. This change also disconnects us from the old system of polarities now rapidly dissolving.

This event is a facilitation to prepare the chakras for the shift and to assist any chakras already in process of transformation. If you are ready to move on, this session can give a boost to the process. So, consider this note a quick reminder and invitation to join us this Saturday from 10am to 4pm for this special event. If you cannot attend in person you can participate at a distance by phone or internet.

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Questions? Give us a shout. 651-224-4451 or chris@lightsmith.com





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