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Creator Within Creation Series

A Leading-Edge Program of Personal Expansion

11 all-new, all-different sessions in 2013.



These classes define our direction for 2013. After years of healing and transformation we have entered the next phase of our transition into the New Dimension. Conscious Creation is where we’re headed, and our journey throughout this year will be to embody who we are more fully in manifest form while sensing and maintaining our unique individual spectrum of Light frequencies. Guided by Master Teachers working in concert with Michele, we are learning how to access and create with the 12 Rays of Creation and the 12 Currents of Life. Anyone who chooses may participate in any or all of these classes. There are no prerequisites, no sequence, and you can do one, several or all of them.

Each month we are energetically joined by a Master being (or two) who assist the focus for the class. Each class consists of three main parts:

A teaching portion: Introduction by Michele with current information about the focus of the day. Michele is joined by the Master teacher early in the morning of each class to download the information that is to be shared with the group. In sharing, more is added as the group informs the co-created experience.

A process portion: Facilitated by Michele and those in Spirit and Earth who join the group. The process assists participants to integrate the work deeper within their bodies and experience and includes individualized focus as needed.

A channeling portion: Dialogue with the master being who has joined us for the day. At some point during the session, Michele will relax and allow the Master teacher(s) to speak directly with the group to clarify or assist application of what has been learned.

The cost for each class is $147. Subscribers to The Lightsmith Deal pay $129. These amounts add up to 12 in numerology and represent the number of creation and moving into mastery within creation. These prices are a conscious choice to reflect mastery of frequency.

The available sessions are listed below. Please use the appropriate link below to make a payment then and let him know which class you are interested in. He will send you the links to use for downloading.

Session one with Kuthumi, 02-09-13
Introductory, preparatory, and immediately effecting. A significant process to release original pain and much more.


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