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Testifying in The Halls of Justice

People who know me or know of my gifts often assume that I always know what is going on and that I am rarely left to muddle along the best that I can. Not true! From about the first of January through mid February I had a nearly constant pressure in my Third Eye and head. Whenever I did my meditations or when I lay down to rest or sleep, the pressure would painfully intensify and then gradually release in waves as if my inner eye was being squeezed. I tuned in. I asked for guidance. I listened and prayed, and at times cried as old feelings of hurt or situations that had felt unfair, unfinished, or never understood came up for clearing or healing. I also thought that perhaps I wasn’t drinking enough water, needed to change my supplements, or had some form of environmental poisoning. So I tried changing or rearranging all of the above. Six weeks of even mild pressure and/or pain can feel very long, and I grew increasingly compassionate for all who suffer from chronic pain of any kind.

Finally, towards the end of this time, I began to be aware of something that was taking place at another level of consciousness. I realized that I had been “testifying”, or uploading, all of the data that had been stored in my consciousness as a witness during the ages of humanity’s growth and evolution in consciousness. I have known for a long time that I have lived in and through most of the ages of our collective story and have felt kind of old and tired as a result of all that I have seen and witnessed over so many lifetimes. As I became aware of this higher dimensional “Hall of Justice”, I also began attracting clients who were doing the same thing: being called as witnesses on behalf of humanity. This level of testimony was not from a personal level perspective and was why it has been done in a primarily unconscious state for most of us. As each one testified from their soul level, those in attendance surrounded each person with an intense form of compassion that listened deeply, acknowledging what was being shared as well as what it has been like to be human in the midst of such often-painful and unjust experiences. It became clear that each of us have had choices of how to respond to what happened within the course of human experience as well as to bear witness. We either chose to attend to what belonged to us within the creation of the experience, open our own unconscious to Love, release anger and hatred, forgive, heal, and transmute the hurts and structures of consciousness that had been passed down to us through Duality, or we chose to excuse ourselves with either blame of others or self-indulgence of power, pride, greed, or control over belief systems that affect and influence others. Wherever the choice for Love had been made, it was now fully acknowledged, and simultaneously, we were released from the role of “witness” within Duality.

Once I began to sense what was happening, I felt awe, humility, and sadness, made pleas for mercy and gentleness, and then relaxed into trust. At times I would get a glimpse of some of those sitting in attendance in the other dimensional courtroom. Those who had been known by us as Martin Luther King, Mahatma Gandhi, and Eleanor Roosevelt were among those gathered. This group seemed to be composed of Beings who had lived lives within humanity and worked to bring greater justice to the whole in some way. Behind this group was the Karmic Council. It felt to me that the first group received the testimony of those who were called, deliberated, and then passed on recommendations to the Karmic Council. At some point, when the testimonies and recommendations were complete, it seemed that the Karmic Council would then sound the “Bell of Justice”. What that might look like or how it is to play out, I could not see. I don’t think it has been decided yet. I was reminded of one of the Beatitudes that were spoken by Jesus while he walked with us. “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for justice, for they shall be satisfied.” Could it be that we are in that time?

At the end of the uploading, we were asked to let go of all of the memories we had carried for their consideration, release any sense of responsibility for the outcomes or decisions that would be made, and trust that the highest form of justice would be carried out. As this time completed for me, I felt the release of a weight that had been with me since I have had memory, and a sense of freedom to now step into a whole new creation of life in Earth. I felt free to love more fully, to create my deepest heart’s longing with greater confidence, and to dance with others like myself as well as with the new children who are here, co-creating a new collective experience together. All of the years (and tears!) of transformation felt worth the pain and perseverance. Now those times seem to be fading away as my focus moves into actualizing the possibilities bubbling forth to be created.

I hesitated to write all this because I was not sure how such a perspective might be interpreted. I am not Messianic, and do not adhere to any religious tradition or teachings. My path has been to stay fluid and open, to listen and to articulate what I perceive to be happening at the subtle and not so visible levels of consciousness. The awareness of what is happening during this time feels both sobering and liberating. Our collective humanity is on trial, so to speak. Our choices are being looked at, weighed and deliberated within the context of true justice and compassion. I sense that this process occurring in the Hall of Justice will determine our collective future as well as our personal futures. If you are called to testify, you may find yourself having dreams or images of past times of history, remembering times of personal or collective injustice, or feeling pressure in the area of your forehead and crown. Know that the time will pass to be followed with a sense of freedom and release of structures that have bound you within Duality until this time. Listen for what is yours to bring into the New Creation and begin to give it life and form. As you align with what belongs to you, you will find yourself joining and collaborating with others who are also moving into this Dance of Living Light as it manifests in form, and your memories of your past and old emotional pathways will gradually fade away. If your body needs some support to shift fully into the new frequencies, you will be guided to those people or products that will assist you to do so. Your increasing joy and resonance within Love will vibrate into the Whole of Life and others will feel and be attracted to you and the new forms you will be creating. Waves of people will open and be drawn into this new creation because their hearts will recognize that they too were born into this time for just such a choice.

I feel a sense of calm, yet also a sense of awe as we await the completion of this Trial of the Age of Duality. I also feel a sense of hope. Much of the work that many of us have done these past decades to transform consciousness on behalf of the whole had been to shift the frequencies enough to allow groups of high frequency Beings to enter and establish a new base tone for the next age. We have been preparing the way for them. They have been called the Children of Light, Children of Oz, or the Indigo or Violet Ray children. I have had the great privilege of assisting and being with several of the new Children of Light who have been joining us in increasing numbers. Their presence amongst us, their clarity of consciousness, and their messages to us inspire, encourage, and support us as well as validate all the transformative work we have done on behalf of the collective. Now they have come to take our hands and show us the final steps through the maze. Just as has been so beautifully illustrated in the opening and closing ceremonies of the past two Olympics, summer and winter, the Children of Light are here to inspire, guide, and vibrate their purity of Light so brightly that we will not lose our way. I am deeply grateful and touched by their presence, and I look forward to watching their awareness and gifts unfold in the world.

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Michele Mayama is a grounded mystic with nearly 30 years of experience listening to souls, the causal plane, and the not-so visible spectrum of consciousness.....
She is a channel, she knits, and she loves being part of the blossoming of a new creation.

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