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The United States Becomes Accountable

It is our joy and pleasure to be reunited through this one [Michele] with you and with humanity. It is our joy and pleasure, yet we understand that in the human experience that it might not always be full of joy and pleasure. We understand this with compassion, yet we also come to you with an awareness that we wish to pass on to you; the realization that you, too, are always full of joy and the capacities of bringing that joy into the body, even within those circumstances of life that would lead you to believe that there is something that is not correct.

What we would like to speak to you about is the perceptions that are in the United States at this time. Your culture has a certain view of itself that has allowed it, on many levels, to resist a certain maturation process. There is a way in which the collective of the United States has been attached to a kind of adolescent mentality. Beginning a little over a year ago with the terrorist attack on your land, that adolescent mentality began a process of becoming conscious that the playground was no longer safe.

The United States has been very much a playground; you have Disney worlds on both coasts, you have megamalls, you have many toys, you have big vehicles, you have more food and varieties of foods than any other place in the world. You have the taste, the sensations, auditorially and sensorially, to keep you occupied and entertained for quite a long time. And being entertained is what the United States public became used to and assumed it deserved, and then felt generous when inviting the world to come and play.

However, playing without consciousness is rather like being a child with, in this case, a loaded gun. There is no accountability or responsibility for how the playground is manifested and what that process takes from the rest of the planet. That lack of accountability and responsibility is now beginning to become more and more conscious. There are now those who are bringing forward the voice of accountability and responsibility. That does not mean that you need to have less of a sense of joy. True joy is not the same as irresponsible pleasure at the expense of everyone else. That awareness is what is being shifted in the consciousness.

There are those who create this diversion and keep it going; the marketplace, the advertising, the corporate structures, the powers that be that would like the United States public to be entertained, to not see what is going on, and to continue to be unaccountable for themselves so they cannot point any fingers at those who are also being irresponsible on other levels. That is what is changing.

Now, what happens when a public, a collective, begins to realize that they are no longer free to play at everyone else’s expense? That they have responsibility and are accountable for what has been the impact of their choices, even though they have not always been aware of that impact? And that they have become less aware of and responsive to their own innate knowing of truth and their own sense of honor within their soul that says, “I Am, I have a reason to be here, I am important, and so is everyone else?” All of that has been submerged beneath the glaze of staying entertained, engaged in being consumers, and afraid of what media or others say are threats.

What happens as people begin to be conscious? There are conflicting emotions as one becomes aware that there have been choices that have harmed others, not only on an individual basis, but also on a collective basis. Some may say ‘no, my SUV and my lifestyle has not harmed anyone, it’s just about me’. These people may find it more and more difficult in the days ahead to say that. There will be those who resist and fight, and who have their arms around everything that they say belongs to them, without wanting to share, let go, or see the possibility of other choices. But there will be those whose hearts and whose awareness do begin to open.

There needs to be processes and ways for people to become accountable, and ways for people to become powerful in that accountability. People will need to begin to create new ways to be together that incorporate more than play and entertainment. They will need to open the possibilities of creating a world consciousness that not only invites people to play, but to education, to greater awareness of what is possible for health and well-being, of respect and honor for each individual, for each sex, race, for the individual cultures, and for the gifts that come from all the multiplicity that lives in the world. There is no need for peoples of other cultures to wish to become like those in the United States, so that they too can take everything that they can from a people, a culture, a land, and keep it for themselves so that they can play at the level that is held up to them as the epitome of success. Playing is not wrong. It is part of your nature. It is the lack of accountability that has created a distortion that has had great impact on the entire world.

This is a time for the collective consciousness. The shift is not just individual anymore; this is a collective shift. It is different than in the past when we spoke to each one and said that it is about what you do for yourself, how you interpret and bring everything back to yourself, and as you are transformed, that transformation is brought into the whole. That has happened for the past 20, 30, 50 years, and for much of this past century.

However, what is happening now is collective. What does that mean? It means that those of you who have done the personal work no longer need to sit in your closets, and bedrooms, and meditation places, and only bring everything back to you and process it all. It means that your place in the whole is now being readied, and if not already readied, it is soon to be put into place. It means that wherever you are, you have an opportunity to give voice, expression, and perhaps creation or form to a larger voice beyond just your own; a voice that belongs to the emerging maturation of the collective.

The United States was given many, many gifts. They had all of the beautiful resources of an expansive, resource rich mass of land. They had the gifts that came from all of the peoples of different countries and cultures that were shared and combined here. They had a large vision for cooperative democracy. Cooperative democracy, not just polarities and fighting, and whoever has the biggest sword and the biggest army wins. That is feudal consciousness. The United States had a different vision. However, the consciousness of the young country formed in ways that result from giving a child too many toys and unlimited power, without a sense of the responsibility and accountability that comes with becoming part of a larger world community. That can no longer be the case.

The government leaders of your country may stand in a warring position and say, ‘we have the biggest armies and the biggest weapons, and we’re the winners regardless of who wants to say what and do what, regardless of who wants to have autonomy in their countries and their land.’ That consciousness is feudal, it is old, and it is not where life or consciousness is evolving to now. But simultaneously, there is an emerging consciousness of accountability, it exists and it has evolved. It is ready to move into the public arenas to give voice and representation to the awareness and consciousness of this larger world vision that is present. Love is at the heart and core. Yes, love, compassion and awareness as well as a kind of tiredness. A tiredness of having so much impact be so covered over and ignored. That impact can no longer be covered over. It is being brought right into the heart of the consciousness of the United States.

We are aware that today a person that represented some of this consciousness [reference to the death of Minnesota senator Paul Wellstone] came to Spirit. That one, in his doing so, has opened a door for all of you and for many more people to say what is real, what is true, and what is in integrity within your heart and within the core of humanity. Everyone may not use the same language or come at it from the same place, but in a spirit of cooperation, there is a now a possibility of bringing about a larger shift in the collective consciousness than there has ever been in previous times. The presence of the Internet, this world wide web of information sharing, has the capacity to impact consciousness in such immediate ways. This vehicle also makes many more people aware of the impact of choices and decisions made by corporate or national leaders who have previously been insulated from the impact of their actions. It makes it harder to cover over the stories of people and the environment who have been impacted but who have had no voice for so long.

It is time to draw and build the bridges, to begin to put together the action and the impact, and to hold them side-by-side. And to put together the people that have made choices that had large impacts with the people who have experienced the impacts. What happens when they are all put together? What happens when these people have to hear the experience of these people and they cannot run away and hide in their ivory tower or their playground? What happens when the people who have experienced the impact also have the possibility of new ways to create something that would be of benefit to a greater number of people? New ways to create business, new ways to create manufacturing, new ways to create communities that are more involved in upholding the honor, the creativity, and the basic human needs and rights of all that are affected.

It is a difficult time for some of you, witnessing an attempt at a takeover in the world by those who would like to maintain the status, the power, and the money that have kept a number of families and a number of people very secure for a very long time. Yes, they would like to take more control. At the same time, there is rising up, a shift in the collective, and that is what will shift the momentum. It perhaps will not happen in this immediate time, but it is rising and it is coming, and in a few years you will feel and know that all of the work and processes that you have done in the privacy of your bedrooms, in your closets, in your meditations, and in your healings have not been in vain. Not only has it not been in vain, it has in truth been the foundation of what is now growing and maturing in the collective.

In order for that to continue to grow, there needs to be a coming together of those who have been isolated, who have done this work in private, who have formed their own way of sharing what they have grown. But now to come together with more mature, aware, and love-centered voices, with insights, recommendations, suggestions, and empowered, passionate creativity to bring form to what is now wishing to have birth within the collective, within the whole.

You, humanity, are large family. You have always been. However, there has been a large split in consciousness where there has been an assumption that some get to play at the expense of others. That is now changing, and that will change radically over the next few years. Your next few months may feel to be, on a human level, full of challenge, turmoil, and a sense of back and forth as the poles swing from one end to the other. It is imperative to stay in your connected center, your heart center, and to spend time there with yourself and also with others. And to form certain alliances that will support the growth of some new linkages. Those linkages can then be co-creative together to create something larger. Continue to do this, and to find the strength you need in that process. You will find that there is support, and there is that feeling of joy that is true from the core, as well as an ability to move beyond any concerns about personal needs into the awareness that all are part of an living whole organism which will fill and fulfill all of that which, in previous times, has been held as private.

Do not feel so private any longer. Privatization, so to speak, is dissolving. You are becoming unified in a way that enhances your individuality and individual gifts more than ever before. You are no longer bound within a collective conditioning under the influence of a collective sleep potion. You have the opportunity to step forward, to contribute your piece, your joy, your gift, your creativity, while allied with many more. Get used to it. Get used to begin in the middle of things. Get used to opening your mouth and letting things come out without previous coaching or thinking about it. Become aware that you have enough awareness, and that there is more than enough Love for you personally as well as ready to move through you at any moment. It is not about who you are, what you’ve done, what your credentials are, or where you have taken your training, or not. If you have a feeling in your being to participate, then do so with your whole heart, the whole of your wisdom, and the whole Being that you are.

Know that you have come through many, many lifetimes into this one for such a convergence. Know that young, old, and in-between, of every age, in every group and in every place that you are, you will link and find each other as this large group of collective souls now converges to create something new. This is happening around the world, not just in the United States, although the collective shift of consciousness within the United States is perhaps the largest shift that is happening worldwide at this time.

It is interesting, which is perhaps a very mild word, for those of us in Spirit to participate and watch this event. Today [the day of the Wellstone plane crash] is sparking another wave of awareness, and also prompting people to begin that process of convergence. Some have very strong political beliefs, and would not have said they have anything to do with an awareness of Love, and yet they too are aware that something is being called forth. Let the maturation of the collective proceed, take your places within the whole, speak and give form to your awareness when prompted, and stay tuned to the joy that lives at the core of Creation. That is all for now.

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