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Solstice Event Tonight!

A reminder of our special Solstice Planetary Event tonight at 7pm (central). The energy has been building for days and we seldom know the focus of these sessions until we begin, but we always do a great piece of work for ourselves, humanity and the planet. Remember that you can participate in person, by phone or by internet stream. And just to keep you curious, there will be a special presentation at 7pm. Join us and find out what’s up!

Here’s the login information you will need:

By phone: 1-570-633-0024, passcode = 688322# (any regular long-distance charges may apply)

By internet: http://lightsmith.com/broadcast/viewer.htm, password = SSolstice (case sensitive)

During the evening you can communicate with us by sending comments or questions to

Our planetary events are presented at no charge, donations accepted.


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  1. Last nights group was personally intense. I received a hightened sence of universal urgencey to aid and nurture children encompassing all space, here, there, and every where else. This came unto me with an all encompassing sence of empowerment, as truly the resourses, skills, compassion, will, personal experiences, are copable tools to reach out and help guide those willing to strive for thier personal growth. Whewwww! That was long winded I know. This realization of my life path purpose, was so over whelming. I am so grateful and thankful for the presents love and caring of the participants of this group
    , and the wonderful way up light and lift to a higher awareness. I LOVE. Thank you so much Michelle and Chris!

  2. P.S.
    After having a night to rest and reboot, It was much easier this morning to have claritiy and be able to share this experince. ; )

  3. After the Solstice Event I was driving home in, of course, the right timing to view glorious sunset! This was a confirmation of our experience of the evening. Driving west on I94, I noticed a strong base of a Rainbow in my rear view mirror. I also noticed the orange gold light from the sunset brilliantly lighting up the north-western half of the sky. Very potent of primal creation like the energy of Hawaii. I glanced to my left and oh my the very powerful rest of the rainbow (and second of the rainbow) to complete the experience. This was the manifestation of the evening’s work in the physical. Very Cool!

    Tom Guyette

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